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About K's DESIGN

With my designs I aim to enrich the everyday live of people of all kinds

Design for Health and Well-Being
I’m an Industrial Designer who has also studied Graphic Design. During my studies I became a hands-on designer with a great sense of responsibility, who likes to take the initiative and is motivated to design products and services for the health and well-being of people. My personal interests are in idea and concept generation, user centred design, social and cultural awareness and visual language.

User Centered Design Approach
My work is driven by a belief that design is a reaction to user needs, which results in a strong user centered approach in my design process. What I enjoy most is designing products, environments and services that enrich the lives of the people who use them. I believe that Industrial Design with a User Centered Design approach will lead to creative and innovative solutions to fulfill real peoples’ needs and desires.

Creativity Tools
Often I design creativity tools, including Design Probes, Brainstorm Games and Communication Tools to match the specific context of a project. These creativity tools stimulate extreme creative thinking to spark inspiration during idea and concept generation. They help to gather qualitative user insights in an engaging way or function as a tool for communication with users and the other members of the design team.

Mock-ups and Prototypes
In my process I make use of prototypes of various types, ranging from quick-and-dirty mock-ups to fully functioning prototypes to enable real people to experience the design within real environments. Design can bridge the gap between technology and user needs and give it this very important human dimension. I aim to design products with beautiful and intuitive interactions that create engaging experiences.

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